Pregnancy back pain in general and early pregnancy back pain in particular is a common complaint during pregnancy with more than 50% pregnant women suffering from it. Pregnant women are prone to backaches and back pain due to a number of reasons such as the extra weight of the baby or a change in the center of gravity of their body or due to hormonal changes in the early stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy Back PainAppropriate Posture And Exercises Are The Best Remedy:

Pregnancy back pain in general and early pregnancy "back pain" in particular is a common complaint during pregnancy with more than 50% pregnant women suffering from it. Pregnant women are prone to backaches and back pain due to a number of reasons such as the extra weight of the baby or a change in the center of gravity of their body or due to hormonal changes in the early stages of pregnancy.With the growth of the uterus, a women's center of gravity shifts forward. This gradually results in a change in the posture and movement style and may often lead to backache. Hormonal changes are a normal part of pregnancy and can cause the ligaments between our pelvic bones to often and our joints to loosen in preparation for the baby's passage through pelvis during birth. In some cases urinary infection can also result in Back pain amongst pregnant women. Severe back pain during pregnancy if accompanied by other symptoms during early pregnancy should not be ignored, as it may be a pointer to some major problem.The most important remedy for curing pregnancy back pain is exercising. Walking, pelvic rock, bridging (on the floor with knees bent and lifting the buttocks into air), mini-crunches with bent knees and lifting the head on exhalation are good exercises for pregnant women and can go a long way in relieving Back Pain. The right posture and good body mechanics also play an important role in keeping one free of back pain. Good posture is an effective remedy for pregnancy back pain during early pregnancy and one should avoid slouching. The use of a lumbar cushion or pillow can help one to avoid slouching and maintaining an appropriate posture. Back pain during pregnancy can also be reduced by appropriate muscular exercises.A pregnant woman can avoid pregnancy back pain by avoiding standing for longer periods and frequently changing her sitting position. Adequate rest and sleep are also essential for avoiding or eliminating back pain in early pregnancy. A pregnant woman should wear low-heeled shoes with proper arch support to avoid strain on her back. The use of a low stool for resting feet while sitting or standing for long periods can also help in avoiding [*_*].

Weight Loss Dillemma: Depressed If You Do, Depressed If You Don't

Weight Loss Dillemma: Depressed If You Do, Depressed If You Don

There are many reasons why people become depressed, especially with all the pressures and demands of 21st century living. People get the blues when they get passed over for that promotion that they've been aiming for because management wanted someone younger and livelier. There's that beautiful girl you've always wanted to have a relationship with, who turns out to be more interested in your sister than you. Not every situation that can make a person sad or melancholic can also cause depression, turning a person into the emotional health equivalent of a 50-car pile-up on a busy highway. However, there are a few things you'd never expect to actually be the cause of a person feeling depressed. One example of this would be weight loss pills, some of which have recently been found to cause people to become depressed. In a world where weight and appearance are major concerns, to the point that some people become obsessed with achieving the perfect weight, medication that helps attain becomes so materially valuable, and expensive in terms of real dollars and cents. But what happens when that same drug causes a problem that, in theory, it is supposed to prevent? British and Danish researchers have managed to independently confirm that one particular diet pill, Acomplia, can cause depression. According to the study, there was a significant increase in the risk of various emotional disorders during use of the drug, with residual effects manifesting after regular use has been discontinued. The study found that the people who were given the actual drug during the testing period were 2.5 times more likely to develop some sort of emotional disorder than those who were given a placebo. Patients given Acomplia were also more likely to develop anxiety or emotional problems than those who were given a placebo.Recently, US health authorities decided not to allow Acomplia to be marketed in the States because of the possible psychological effects it might have. This was reportedly decided before the findings conducted by Danish researchers were published in the Lancet Journal. Physicians of people who have already used the medication are advised to be on the lookout for any signs of these psychological effects, with suicidal thoughts and depressive behavior being given particular notice. There were other effects that, in theory, could be just as severe, but were less likely to manifest without long-term use.According to the study, the drug did have appreciable effects on combating obesity. All those who were subjected to the study and given the actual medication lost weight over the one-year period. However, there was a remarkable 40% increased risk of developing emotional disorders, with the potential for more permanent psychological damage. This was on top of both the weight loss and positive cardiovascular effects that maintained use of the medication provided. However, most medical authorities concede that the positive effects may not effectively outweigh the negative potential of prolonged use of the drug.For the time being, the study is shown to have cast doubt on the relative safety of people using the drug. Most authorities are still considering further study before making a final decision, prompting medical professionals to simply watch out for signs of a deeper problem forming. However, there is definite cause for a pull-out of the drug from several markets should further evidence show that Acomplia does more harm than good. Similar studies have been conducted for various other weight loss drugs, but they have not yielded any noticeable negative psychological effects.There are, however, a number of safe and effective weight loss products available in the market. With proper consultation with a doctor or health care professional, a weight watcher can access these slimming products without having to worry about possible side effects.

Psychotherapy As Bulimia Treatment

Psychotherapy As Bulimia Treatment

In a world obsessed with thinness, it is very hard not to succumb to the temptations of easy weight loss even if these methods are not healthy at all. Bulimia is the most common unhealthy method of weight loss. Unfortunately, people, especially women, are easily drawn to this because they are conditioned to be attractive - thin is beautiful. Images of rail-thin models and actors emblazoned on billboards, television, and runway shows encourage the notion of thinness as beauty. But those afflicted with the disorder still have hope. Bulimia treatment is available as psychological therapy to guide patients to recovery and a healthy lifestyle.Psychotherapy is the commonly prescribed treatment because experts agree that the problem is psychological. People often engage in bulimic behavior - eating and vomiting - because of low self-respect, distorted body image, insecurities, and other psychological factors like depression and stress. Therapists usually start treating bulimia by addressing the mental and psychological issues. They believe that if these negative perceptions are erased or converted, controlling bulimic impulses will be easier for the patient.With all psychological therapy, it is required that the patient acknowledges her problem. She must accept that treatment takes time and effort - her disorder did not happen overnight, and neither will recovery. Given that, there are several bulimia treatment methods a counselor uses. Cognitive behavior analysis is the most popular of these methods. This type requires the patient to write a journal or food diary. Thoughts and daily food intake are recorded in the journal which the patient reads with her counselor. This will make the patient more aware of her eating habits and the emotion she attaches to her eating and food. The journal keeps everything in perspective, allowing the patient to see herself objectively, making it easier to address the emotional and psychological issues that trigger bulimic behavior.A similar treatment is behavior analysis. The counselor suggests different rewards and reaction as means of fighting bulimic impulses. The treatment emphasizes the use of alternative activities and even food when the patient suffers bulimia attacks. For example, if the patient feels the onset of bulimic impulses, she can divert her attention to reading or taking walk rather than doing a fridge raid. Behavior experts suggest replacing the contents of the fridge and the pantry with healthy food like nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits. This way, if the impulses become too difficult to resist, the patient won't feel compelled to purge because the food she consumed were health foods.Joining support groups is also an effective in "bulimia treatment" . Having other people with the same problem encourages the patient and provides her with a support network. Enlisting the help of family members and friends is also a healthy option because the patient is assured of love and support regardless of her weight. The patient had bravely recognized the disorder as first step in her battle with bulimia. What she needs now is to come to terms with herself, her relationship with others, and loving support.

Sinusitis: How Serious is it?

Sinusitis: How Serious is it?

Its winter again. The cold whether will surely bring different kinds of health problems such as colds, fever and sinusitis among others. When you have a nasty cold and stuffy nose that wont subside for a couple of weeks, you must never take it for granted and dismiss it as a simple case of cold gone wrong. You can have something more than colds that could lead to sinusitis. Common signs of sinusitis include cough, feeling of facial swelling, occasional fever, and headache, plugged up nose, toothache and abundant thick yellow discharge from the nose. If sinusitis is left untreated, it can cause further complications to the nose, middle ear, and eyes that can last for months or even years. Examples of these complications include infection of the eye socket that may cause the eyelid to swell and become droopy. A person whose eye has been affected by sinusitis may lose the ability to move the eye that may result to permanent blindness. Frontal sinusitis may also cause blood clot in the sinus area. If a person with sinusitis experiences headache, visual problems, seizures, and mild personality changes it may be possible that the infection have spread to the brain. This may lead to coma or even death. But what really causes sinusitis? Basically, there are two types of sinusitis namely acute and chronic sinusitis. Acute sinusitis meaning the condition is temporary usually lasting for not more than thirty days. The symptoms of acute sinusitis are virus, fungus, bacteria, scuba diving, nose blowing, medications and foreign objects. Acute sinusitis usually results from a cold that remains on too long and eventually becomes an infection. It is, therefore, important to treat acute sinusitis as soon as possible to prevent any infection from spreading. Chronic sinusitis, on the other hand, refers to symptoms of sinusitis occurring frequently or for longer periods of time. Causes of this type of sinusitis includes allergies, temperature and humidity, asthma, defective mucous membrane, narrow sinuses, poor air quality, dehydration, weak immune system, stress and tumors. Although serious cases of sinusitis are rare because of modern antibiotic treatments available today, it is still important that proper care and treatment should be exercised. Steps should be taken to prevent it from becoming chronic. Understand that sinusitis left untreated can cause serious infections so always take the necessary precautions and live a healthy balanced life.

How Stress Affects Your Health

In our high-powered world of technology we find our lives going at such a rapid pace that things seem to be spinning out of control. This and normal everyday problems with family and money contribute to a build up of stress. This is one of the main reasons that we do not enjoy the good health we deserve.Sometimes we are not even aware of the problem until a crisis occurs in our lives, by that time considerable damage can have occurred and it is difficult to turn our lives around onto the right path.Signs of stress: Your body has ways of showing stress and it is important to be aware of them: First you may be experiencing tension in your muscles, especially your neck and back Fidgeting, you need to hold something with your hands (cigarettes, twirling pencils etc) You just have difficulty in relaxing Depression.We have all experienced aches and pains and are not sure why. This is often one of the first signs of stress affecting your body. Fidgeting and restlessness are very common in people with tension and stress. Depression is a common disorder that if left unchecked can lead to serious mental illness. It is very important to catch these initial symptoms of stress as early as possible, before they develop into more serious problems.Your bodys reaction to stress: High blood pressure Lack of concentration Irregular breathing Strain on your heartAll these reactions to stress can turn into life threatening problems. High blood pressure is a well-known precursor of more serious problems like strokes and aneurisms. Lack of concentration can cause problems while driving or operating industrial machinery. Irregular breathing can develop into Asthma. Any strain on your heart is bad and can lead to serious consequences and even death.Here are some pointers to cut down stress: Organize your time Spend some time away from all your worries and cares-find time to relax Stop worrying- it will not help you solve the problem Be aware that you have stress problems Try to eat well and sleep well Try to train yourself to be positiveWhen you organize your time you will find it easier to get things done. Prioritize your tasks and do them one at a time. You will get them done more quickly and easily this way. Take some time out for yourself and try to relax. Try some meditation this is a good stress reliever. Do something that you like to do. Once you are aware that you are stressing out you can find out the main factors that are causing it and try to solve or alleviate the problems. Look after yourself and try to eat well, sleep well and above all be positiveSome nutritional supplements can help your stressed-out body heal itself. Supplements that supply your body with essential Glyconutrients can help when you are stressed. Why? Because glyconutrients become depleted when your body gets stressed out. When you have less of these vital nutrients your immune system becomes weakened and you are more susceptible to infections and diseases. Taking glyconutrients can help your body reverse these damaging effects caused by stress and enable you to live a healthier happier life.

Believe in Phentermine with Confidence

Obesity has become a household word. It has become a type of epidemic engulfing the whole world in an epic proportion. It would have been no problem if the outcome wouldnt have been fatal. Heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure are few problems that an obsessed person is easily prone to. Besides, obesity tires you out easily resulting in hampering your daily routine. So it is always wise to check on your increase volume of you body and find the root cause of it.However dieting and exercising is not a bad idea for burning the excess fat inside our body. But one cannot deny the fact that maintaining a diet routine is not a tedious affair. So it is always advisable to go for a proper medication along with your regular diet and jogging. So if somehow you skip your routine, it doesnt hamper much. One such medicine that is gripping the market is Phentermine a unique diet pill. Its result is found to be very fruitful and its users are happy about the outcome.Phentermine is a drug use as an appetite suppressant and is very effective in maintaining a healthy fat free life. The effectiveness of Phentermine has been intensively studied by various international dieticians as well as researchers. FDA approved it way back in 1959 and from then onwards it is fighting fats with proven results. But Phentermine diet pills are very effective and can be very productive if it goes along with a bit of dieting and exercise. Noting can be negative if one is taking it in a proper way and with the guidance of a genuine doctor or dietician. Mild side effects like dry mouth, constipation, dizziness or headache can be seen initially but as our body get used to it, these problems fades away.Phentermine stimulates our hypothalamus gland in our brain and activates our neurotransmitters in present in our nerve cells. This results in suppressing our appetite and manages our metabolism as well.


Pregnancy back pain in general and early pregnancy back pain in particular is a common complaint during pregnancy with more than 50% pregnant women suffering from it. Pregnant women are prone to backaches and back pain due to a number of reasons such as the extra weight of the baby or a change in the center of gravity of their body or due to hormonal changes in the early stages of pregnancy.